10+ Best Keto Pizza Recipes You Can Enjoy On The Ketogenic Diet

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10+ Best Keto Pizza

Most people trying to cut down on carbs think they have to avoid pizza. It’s true, most traditional pizzas involve LOTS of bread. But the truth is, you can create a delicious low carb pizza with a little creativity.

While the crust is the foundation for a great pizza, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the crust has to be a big, gooey slab of dough. You can get the great taste of pizza, without the carbs, by thinking a bit outside the “pizza box”.

Pizza is one thing that everybody enjoys, like people following the ketogenic diet program. That is almost certainly why you will find a lot of various keto pizza recipes that people think of. Just because you are trying to reduce on carbs, doesn’t mean you’ve got to give up your pizza!

10+ Best Keto Pizza Recipes You Will Love

Pizza is serious comfort meals. And it is one thing a lot of people never wish to miss out on, even when they are following a keto diet program.

So below I have rounded up a few of the most wonderful keto pizza recipes I could discover on Pinterest. Just because you can’t eat actual pizza dough on the keto diet plan, keto pizzas are both crustless or use something keto friendly since the crust.

For your complete recipe and directions, make sure you click on around the website link below each picture. And when you are trying any of these recipes out, let me know how they turn out for you!

1. Low Carb Pizza Rolls

Low Carb Pizza Rolls

Recipe from The Sugar Free Diva

A different take on keto pizza that’s just as delicious as the real deal. These low carb pizza rolls are serious comfort food, and you’ll never even guess they’re keto friendly!

They’re also easy to take to work for a keto lunch!

2. Skillet Pizza

Skillet Pizza

Recipe from Healthy Recipes Blogs

This crispy skillet pizza is simple and quick to make and can also make a great snack!

Simply add your cheese and toppings to your skillet pan and cook until the cheese is crispy.

3. Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Recipe from Tasty Kitchen

Okay, using cauliflower as a pizza base, you’re either going to hate it or you’re going to love it. If you already love cauliflower, you’ll likely love this pizza.

But if you don’t like cauliflower, I’d say definitely still give it a try, it’s really delicious! And with all the cheese, you won’t even taste the cauliflower!

4. Low Carb Zucchini Pizza Boats

Low Carb Zucchini Pizza Boats

Recipe from Gimme Delicious

Pizza doesn’t have to be round does it? Okay, I know some people might not consider this pizza if it’s not round, that’s okay.

But these zucchini pizza boats will still satisfy your pizza cravings, and they’re so much healthier without the calories and carbs of a real pizza!

There’s also a short video for this one if you want to check out how to make these quickly:

5. BBQ Pulled Pork Keto Fathead Pizza

BBQ Pulled Pork Keto Fathead Pizza

Recipe from How To This And That

If you love BBQ sauce and pulled pork, you’ll love this pulled pork keto pizza!

It can be ready in 25 minutes, and it’s easier to make than you think!

6. Bacon Crust Pizza

Bacon Crust Pizza

Recipe from Keto Culinary

There’s no denying that bacon goes extremely well with pizza, and crispy bacon is also great in it’s own right.

That’s why this recipe is so amazing. It uses yummy crispy bacon as the pizza base!

7. 10 Minute Portobello Pizzas

10 Minute Portobello Pizzas

Recipe from Cafe Delites

Who says your pizza crust has to be bread? You can also use mushrooms as your pizza crust for a keto friendly version of your favorite pizza.

This recipe uses portobello mushroom caps as the base. Fill it with cheese and your favorite pizza toppings to make your own version.

8. Crustless Pizza Perfection Keto Pizza

Crustless Pizza Perfection Keto Pizza

Recipe from Little Pine Low Carb

This yummy low carb pizza has no crust and is made mostly of cheese! Crispy and gooey cheese!

This recipe will convince you that you certainly don’t need a crust for your pizza to satisfy your pizza cravings!

9. Zucchini Pizza Crust

Zucchini Pizza Crust

Recipe from Closet Cooking

If you’re not a fan of the cauliflower pizza crust, you can also try this genius zucchini pizza crust.

It might take a little more effort since you have to squeeze the moisture out of the zucchini, but it’s so worth it!

10. Grilled Chicken & Spinach Keto Pizza

Grilled Chicken & Spinach Keto Pizza

Recipe from How To This And That

This yummy keto pizza comes in at only 2.5g net carbs per serving.

The crust is made with cheese, cream cheese, an egg, a touch of garlic and almond flour.

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10 Best Keto Pizza Recipes

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