10+ Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor Projects You Can Do On A Budget

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10+ Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse style is taking over home decor sites and Pinterest boards and this rise in popularity probably has a lot to do with shows like Fixer Upper who make the Farmhouse Style look exquisite.

One of the cool things about farmhouse decor is that it is the perfect DIY decor style. It’s mostly made up of natural textures, like wood and galvanized metal. There are so many items you can make with cheap things straight out of the store!

These DIY Farmhouse Decor ideas are sure to give you some inspiration for your own home!

DIY Farmhouse Decor That Won’t Break The Bank

Yes, Chip and Joanna create beautiful, drool-worthy transformations. And you can do it too!

But you don’t need to renovate your entire house or room to give it that overall warm and cozy farmhouse feel. You only need a couple of farmhouse decor elements to achieve the overall style.

And luckily, you can create these DIY farmhouse decor pieces yourself at a low cost. For some of them, you might even have the materials you need already.

I’ve rounded up some of the best easy DIY farmhouse decor ideas I could find. They’re all inexpensive to make and don’t require any special DIY skills. So I really believe anyone can make these!

If you try them out let me know how they turn out for you! And if you don’t have the time to try any of them now, you can always save them to your DIY farmhouse board on Pinterest to try them later.

1. Rustic DIY Pallet Plaques

With some craft boards and paint, you can create these cute pallet plaques which you can use to show off your photos or artwork.

You can use any color you like to give your boards a worn and rustic look.

Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor: Rustic DIY Pallet PlaquesFull tutorial available at Oh My Creative

2. Wooden Farmhouse Style Sign

You can create your own rugged and unique farmhouse style signs with some wooden planks or boards and some paint.

Put these signs on a table in your entryway or hang them on a wall to add a touch of that farmhouse style to any room.

Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor: Wooden Farmhouse Style SignFull tutorial available at Little Farmstead

3. Stepladder Side Table

If you’ve got an old wooden ladder, you can add some wooden boards or planks to it for shelves to create this rustic ladder side table.

You can use this as a display table in any room to give it that farmhouse charm.

Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor: Stepladder Side TableFull tutorial available at Funky Junk Interiors

4. Hanging Wire Baskets

Adding some farmhouse charm to a room can be as simple as hanging some wire baskets on reclaimed wood on a wall.

If you have an empty wall that could use some decorating, why not give this a try?

Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor: Hanging Wire BasketsFull tutorial available at Thrifty and Chic

5. DIY Galvanized Planters

You can pick up a shiny metal planter for cheap at your local dollar store and turn it into this stunning piece.

You can age this galvanized planter yourself with items you already have in your home. It doesn’t take up a lot of time but does require some elbow grease!

Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor: DIY Galvanized PlantersFull tutorial available at Little House of Four

6. Birchwood Candle Holders

If you can get your hands on some birchwood branches, you’ll be able to make these adorable candle holders.

They’re really easy to make. You just need to drill the holes for your tea light candles and you’re done!

Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor: Birchwood Candle HoldersFull tutorial available at Oleander and Palm

7. Vintage Cheese Grater Organizer

You can easily create this look by attaching an old cheese grater to a piece of reclaimed wood.

It’s a creative way to store items in the kitchen and fits right in with that farmhouse look.

Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor: Vintage Cheese Grater OrganizerFull tutorial available at Home Road

8. Distressed Farmhouse Wooden Frame

You can create this rustic wooden frame yourself with some basic woodwork and wooden planks.

Or if you already have a wooden frame (or plan to buy some), you can just create this distressed look yourself with some chalk paint and sandpaper.

Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor: Distressed Wooden FrameFull tutorial available at Knick of Time

9. Vintage Bed Frame Towel Bar

If you don’t have a place to store your towels in your bathroom, you could try repurposing an old bed frame to create a farmhouse style towel bar.

Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor: Vintage Bed Frame Towel BarFull tutorial available at Little Vintage Nest

10. Blanket Storage Ladder

During the winter months when you use blankets in the living room, it can create quite a messy look if you keep them lying around on the sofa.

If you like the farmhouse style, you could store them on a rustic ladder like in the photo below. This will keep your living room organized and add a touch of that farmhouse style to your home.

Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor: Blanket Storage LadderFull tutorial available at Worthing Court Blog

11. Reclaimed Wood Monogram

Adding a touch of farmhouse can be as simple as adding a rustic wooden sign to a room.

This reclaimed wood monogram is very simple and easy to make with some pieces of wood, a hot glue gun, and a stain pen.

Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor: Reclaimed Wood MonogramFull tutorial available at Thistlewood Farms

12. Paint Can Flower Holder

I love this idea of repurposing a paint can holder to create a rustic looking flower holder.

If you have a distressed or rusted paint can somewhere in your house or yard, you can try the recreate the look below. All you need is to add some flowers to it (the author used baby’s breath) and hang it on a hook of some kind.

Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor: Paint Can Flower HolderFull tutorial available at Knick of Time

13. DIY Cotton Branches

If you like the cozy farmhouse look that cotton branches often give off but find them too expensive to buy, you’re in luck.

Now you can make your own cotton branches! The author made the wreath and cotton branches below, all for less than $4!

Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor: DIY Cotton BranchesFull tutorial available at Prodigal Pieces

14. Painted Mason Jars

This is one of the easiest projects as you’ll only need some mason jars, chalk paint, and sandpaper.

You can also create these in any color to match the color of your home.

Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor: Painted Mason JarsFull tutorial available at It All Started With Paint

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