10+ Low Light Houseplants You Won’t Be Able To Kill

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10+ Low Light Houseplants

Generally speaking, unless you happen to live in a greenhouse, it’s very difficult to find an area in your home that provides good sunlight for your plants. Lucky for you, there’s no reason to give up on growing beautiful tropical low light plants that require a lot of light. There are quite a few tropical plants that can thrive in lowlight conditions. Even some highlight demand plants can be coaxed to survive in less than very bright conditions. It will take a little extra maintenance and care for them to do well though.

I know some of you are concerned that you won’t be able to keep these plants alive, but fear not! Below I’ve rounded up a list of 10 low light houseplants that are seriously hard to kill!

1. Spider Plant

Low Light Houseplants - Spider Plant Hard to KillFound from BalconyGardenWeb

You will love the lush green colors that the spider plant can bring into your home!
Not to mention, the spider plant is also an air purifying plant – an added bonus!

2. Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Low Light Houseplants - Mother In Law's TongueFound from GoodHouseKeeping

This plant is also called a snake plant because of it’s long pointed leaves. It’s the ultimate low maintenance plant and thrives on being left alone.
They are perfect to add a little bit of green to your home and can brighten up any room.

3. Peace Lily

Low Light Houseplants - Peace LilyFound from PositiveMed

If you’re looking to add some houseplants with flowers to your home, then you should definitely try getting yourself a peace lily!
These plants are perfect for indoor conditions, and has also been found to clean up and filter toxins from the air!

4. Dragon Tree (Dracaena)

Dragon TreeFound from LeedyInteriors

The Dracaena genus plants typically do really well as house plants.
They are not picky at all about light exposure and can also survive in under-watered soil. If you’re looking for a great table top, a young Dracaena is perfect to add a hint of green!

5. Pothos

Low Light Houseplants - PothosFound from DIY Network

If you’re looking for an easy to grow plant that’s forgiving of irregular watering, you should get yourself a Pothos plant.
They can grow quickly and have very pretty variegated leaves to brighten up your home.

6. Rubber Plant

Rubber PlantFound fron DIY Network

The rubber plant can survive in both high and low light exposure.
With more light exposure, the leaves darken to a burgundy color. In low light conditions you can expect the leaves to be more green.

7. English Ivy

English IvyFound from BalconyGardenWeb

An English Ivy is a splendid way to liven up a dull room.

You can get them in a wide variety of different shapes and colors. Put them in your windowsills or on a mantel where the stems can drape down luxuriantly.

8. Boston Fern

Boston Fern Low Light HouseplantFound from TheGardeningCook

Add a bright, happy hint of green to your home with a Boston Fern.
These look great on a metal stand or in longer pot where the leaves can hang over the edges.

9. Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant- Cast Iron PlantFound from TheSpruce

The Cast Iron Plant earned its name due to the fact that it’s almost impossible to kill. It thrives on neglect and can survive in all types of conditions.
If you really think you can’t keep a plant alive, you should try this one out!

10. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen as Low Light HouseplantFound from LeedyInteriors

Make yourself look like an expert indoor gardener and impress your friends with a Chinese Evergreen plant.
These plants are really forgiving and easy to care for – the perfect low maintenance indoor plant!

So if you’re looking to liven up your home and with a bit of green to make it look fresh and inviting, you should seriously try some of these plants. They can all survive as low light houseplants and don’t require lots of maintenance.

If you have any questions or comments about these plants, leave me a message down below – I’d love to help you out!

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10 Low Light Houseplants

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