10+ Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes That Are Juicy And Tasty

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10+ Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving and Christmas have always ranked up there as two of the best holidays for eating, spending time with family, eating more, traveling, and of course eating. And there is no doubt that a Thanksgiving meal must always traditionally include a turkey. Depending on your point of view and opinion but a Thanksgiving Turkey dinner can be just as satisfying as opening a lot of presents as is usually the case on Christmas morning.

The turkey is the centerpiece of many family Thanksgiving dinners and the preparer of the turkey can spend hours thawing it, prepping it, cooking it, and making it look perfect to set in front of everyone who is attending the meal. The outside needs to be crispy and golden while the inside needs to be succulent and juicy. And before that first bite of delicious turkey is taken it needs to be carved up just right so everyone gets their favorite meat.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you’re probably already looking for the perfect Thanksgiving roast to make this year. And I’m here to help. Here are some of the best Thanksgiving Turkey recipes that I came across.

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Instead of making the same food for Thanksgiving each year, why not try something new and different? Below are 10 amazing Thanksgiving turkey recipes you can try out.

As always, for the full recipe, please click on the link below each image and you’ll be taken to the recipe and instructions.

1. Mayonnaise Roasted Turkey Recipe

This Mayonnaise Roasted Turkey Recipe may sound a little different, but I think you will be surprised at the delicious results.

Time and time again this turkey recipe and method has proved to be a real winner. And now it has become the easiest part of a meal.

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes: Mayonnaise Roasted Turkey RecipeFound from shewearsmanyhats.com

2. Herb Roasted Turkey

Beautifully golden, juicy, and delicious, this is my go-to no-fail roasted turkey recipe infused with a garlic butter herb rub.

It’s perfect for serving a crowd at Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays & best of all, easy to customize with your favorite flavors.

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes: Herb Roasted TurkeyFound from lifemadesweeter.com

3. Smoky Paprika-Bacon Roasted Turkey

This Smoky Paprika-Bacon Roasted Turkey is the mother of all roasted turkeys.

Saying it’s over-the-top might be an understatement, and it will surely bring your Thanksgiving feast to the next level!

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes: Smoky Paprika-Bacon Roasted TurkeyFound from cookingontheweekends.com

4. Maple-Glazed Turkey with Bacon and Sage Butter

This juicy, tender turkey is slathered with sage-infused butter, shingled with crispy bacon, and glazed with maple syrup in what just might be the best Thanksgiving turkey you’ve ever tasted!

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes: Maple-Glazed Turkey with Bacon and Sage ButterFound from fivehearthome.com

5. Maple Bacon Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

This recipe for Maple Bacon Roasted Turkey is so easy to make! You’ll spend less time in the kitchen this Thanksgiving and more time with your guests.

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes: Maple Bacon Roasted Thanksgiving TurkeyFound from carriesexperimentalkitchen.com

6. Orange Glazed Herb Turkey

This Orange Glazed Herb Turkey is bursting with orange flavor! They have taken a traditional recipe and given it a lovely citrus twist.
To do it, they added orange zest, orange juice, and even fresh oranges. The herbs compliment the orange well. And the glaze uses marmalade to sweeten and add another punch of orange flavor.

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes: Orange Glazed Herb TurkeyFound from skinnyms.com

7. Grilled Tuscan Style Turkey

Want to try something a little different this year with your holiday turkey? Wish you had your oven free for side dishes? Or maybe you are having a big enough crowd that you really need two turkeys!

Grilled turkey solves all these problems and is fast, easy, and tasty. So, butterfly your turkey this year, rub it with Italian flavors, and make Tuscan grilled turkey!

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes: Grilled Tuscan Style TurkeyFound from justalittlebitofbacon.com

8. Award Winning Instant Pot Turkey Recipe

Your Thanksgiving turkey is just 30 minutes away. Yes! You read that correctly!

Juicy, perfect Thanksgiving turkey in no time with this award winning instant pot turkey recipe.

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes: Award Winning Instant Pot Turkey RecipeFound from ohsweetbasil.com

9. Super Juicy No Brine Roast Turkey

The author shares her secret to super juicy no brine roast turkey recipe that will make you a hero of your Thanksgiving dinner.

It involves a bottle of champagne and melted butter! Seriously, unless you want to, you really don’t have to brine your bird anymore.

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes: Super Juicy No Brine Roast TurkeyFound from sweetandsavorybyshinee.com

10. Herb And Butter Roasted Turkey

It’s finally time for Turkey Talk!! I love this herb and butter roasted turkey with white wine pan gravy.

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes: Herb And Butter Roasted TurkeyFound from halfbakedharvest.com

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