15+ Cute Unicorn Desserts For A Magical Unicorn Party

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15+ Cute Unicorn Desserts

If you have been on Instagram or Pinterest a short while ago, you’ve unquestionably discovered the whimsical sweets getting in excess of your newsfeed. Yes, we’re talking about Unicorn Desserts. And no, they are not a figment of one’s imagination. These fantastical foods are real-and seriously delightful. Lots of people (which includes us) could even say they’re downright dreamy. Ready to make some magic of your very own? From unicorn bark and pastel cheesecake to rainbow fudge and psychedelic cupcakes, these oh-so-colorful confections are confident to fulfill your sweet tooth and illuminate your perception of question.

And these 15 magical unicorn recipes will surely make you smile and surprisingly taste good too!

Unicorn Desserts

Magical, colorful and tons of fun, you simply cannot go wrong with unicorn desserts. And no, it’s not just for the children. We even got one of those adorable unicorn cakes for my sister’s 24th birthday!

1. Rainbow Marbled Pop Tart Recipe

This project is not only good for showing you how to make rainbow pop tarts, but you could also use it to make pink pop tarts (or any other color)!

Unicorn desserts: Rainbow Marbled Pop Tart RecipeFound from awwsam.com

2. Unicorn Poop Cookies

These tri-colored, pastel confections are actually meringue, making them sweet and light as air. What I imagine unicorn poop would actually be like!

Unicorn desserts: Unicorn Poop CookiesFound from mommymusings.com

3. Magical Unicorn Donuts

These colorful and magical unicorn donuts are so easy to make and are sure to be a hit with unicorn fans young and old! Get ready to taste the magic!

Unicorn desserts: Magical Unicorn DonutsFound from almostsupermom.com

4. Vanilla Unicorn Sugar Cookie Bars

Colored frosting and lots of sprinkles add a fun flair to these easy Vanilla Unicorn Sugar Cookie Bars.

Making and frosting the cookies in one pan makes them a very easy treat to make and share.

Unicorn desserts: Vanilla Unicorn Sugar Cookie BarsFound from insidebrucrewlife.com

5. No Bake Rainbow Unicorn Cheesecake Bars

These creamy No Bake Rainbow Unicorn Cheesecake Bars are loaded with colored marshmallows and topped with sprinkles.

It’s the perfect spring dessert for any party or celebration!

Unicorn desserts: No Bake Rainbow Unicorn Cheesecake BarsFound from insidebrucrewlife.com

6. Glitter Chocolate Bars

Unicorn colors, glitter and chocolate. Could there be anything better?!

Just make double sure that you use edible glitter!

Unicorn desserts: Glitter Chocolate BarsFound from studiodiy.com

7. Rainbow Lucky Charms Munch

This delicious Lucky Charms Munch is an easy snack recipe made with pretzels, M&Ms, white chocolate and lucky charms marshmallows.

Unicorn desserts: Rainbow Lucky Charms MunchFound from deliciouslysprinkled.com

8. Unicorn Mini Cheesecakes

Light and creamy mini no-bake strawberry cheesecakes in a Lemon Oreo cookie crust, topped with a colorful swirl of whipped cream and an Oreo crown!

Unicorn desserts: Unicorn Mini CheesecakesFound from abajillianrecipes.com

9. Cotton Candy Unicorn Party Parfaits

Ride the rainbow craze with this unicorn party dessert made with cotton candy flavor whipped cream, crushed golden Oreos, and Lucky Charms marshmallows.

Unicorn desserts: Cotton Candy Unicorn Party ParfaitsFound from homemadehooplah.com

10. Unicorn Ice Cream

This unicorn ice cream is magic on a cone!

There’s nothing better on a hot day than rainbow ice cream that’s covered in star sprinkles and glitter!

Unicorn desserts: Unicorn Ice CreamFound from breadboozebacon.com

11. Unicorn Fudge

This Unicorn Fudge is guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day and is great for a birthday party! This fudge will stay fresh for 2-3 weeks in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer.

Unicorn desserts: Unicorn FudgeFound from sprinklesforbreakfast.com

12. Rainbow Unicorn Cake With Twinkie Filling

This whimsical unicorn cake is super festive with its layers of rainbow cake, vanilla frosting, and Twinkie filling!

Unicorn desserts: Rainbow Unicorn Cake With Twinkie FillingFound from letseatcake.com

13. Unicorn Milkshake

These unicorn milkshakes are pure MAGIC!

A rich, thick strawberry milkshake is topped with a rainbow of different sprinkles and candies to make a delicious drink fit for a unicorn. Plus, learn how to make this cool polka dot glass effect!

Unicorn desserts: Unicorn MilkshakeFound from sugarhero.com

14. Unicorn Funfetti Cookies

One of my all-time favorite kinds of cookies are FUNFETTI!

First of all, sugar cookie dough is so easy to make (so they’re perfect for late-night baking). And the addition of tons and tons of rainbow sprinkles just takes them to another level.

Unicorn desserts: Unicorn Funfetti CookiesFound from awwsam.com

15. Unicorn Macarons

Unicorn macarons are here to stay!

Perfect almond French macarons with pink and blue swirls, topped with as many sprinkles as all of your dreams will allow. Filled with cotton candy buttercream

Unicorn desserts: Unicorn MacaronsFound from southernfatty.com

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