Bathroom Organization: 10 Things You Need To Throw Away

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Bathroom organization can sometimes feel like such a big task to tackle. It’s so easy for a bathroom to become cluttered and disorganized.

Just think of all the stuff you usually store in your bathroom. Things like toiletries, beauty products, linens and all the other extras. Yeah, makes sense to have all that stuff in your bathroom. But among those things, there’s probably a lot of things in your bathroom that you don’t REALLY need.

Bathroom organization & decluttering

One of the ways to quickly organize and declutter your bathroom is to get rid of the things that aren’t really necessary.

Now I’m going to go through a list of things that you might also have in your bathroom that you could probably throw away.

Many of you likely hold on to some items or products because you might use it in the future. It could be useful if you ever need it right? But then a year (or two) goes by and you never use it. I’m also guilty of this. It’s time to let those things go.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to toss things, but I encourage you to really consider it. Your bathroom will be so much cleaner and organized afterward!

One piece of advice I’d like to give you (that I often need to remind myself of) is: If you haven’t used it in a year, you probably won’t use it in the next year, so get rid of it or give it away.

So, let’s start decluttering with these bathroom organization tips of things you can throw away!

1. Empty bottles in the shower

Bathroom organization & decluttering: Bottles in shower

Empty shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles can take up so much space in the shower. I don’t know why this happens, but people often leave empty bottles in the shower for days or even weeks.

I think it’s probably because we like to think that maybe we can just get a tiny bit of product out of it the next time. But then it never happens.

Whatever the reason, when it’s empty, take it out and throw it in the trash. It doesn’t take that much effort and makes space in the shower for a new bottle.

2. Expired, old or unused beauty and makeup products

Bathroom organization & decluttering: Cosmetics

Did you know some beauty and makeup products have expiration dates on them? If you have any expired beauty products cluttering your bathroom, get rid of them.

Besides makeup and beauty products, also consider tossing expired sunscreen. After the expiration date, there is no guarantee that the product will still protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

3. Old, tattered washcloths and/or towels

Bathroom organization & decluttering: Towels

If you have towels or washcloths that are starting to look a bit on the rough side, maybe consider getting rid of them. If you’re a DIYer you could also repurpose them into rags or something if you like.

Personally, I keep old towels to use for my dogs, but I store them separately in another closet and keep them out of the bathroom.

4. Free samples & small travel size items

Bathroom organization & decluttering: Samples

Do you also have a basket full of small free sample items or mini shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles from hotels?

If yes, then you need to think about when you will actually use them. If you travel often and you actually use these cute mini items, I think its fine to keep them. But if you keep collecting them but never use them, they will all eventually expire and you’ll need to throw them away anyway.

If you have a big batch of items like this that you never use, consider giving them away to someone who might use them (or to homeless shelters if you can).

5. Expired medicine and prescriptions

Bathroom organization & decluttering: Medicine

I know many people who keep their medicine in the bathroom. I personally don’t do this, but if you do, make sure to check the expiration date on these items from time to time.

If you have any old or expired medications, it might be time to get rid of some of them. Just make sure you expose of them in a safe manner (or take it to your local pharmacy).

6. Old cosmetic bags you never use

Bathroom organization & decluttering: Vanity bags

I have a ton of different cosmetic bags that I never use. Most of them are from times where I purchased makeup or beauty products and they were included as a free gift. But I don’t like them very much so I never end up using them.

If you’re like me and have cosmetic bags that you don’t use, it’s time to either give them away or throw them away. You’re not going to use it any time soon so it’s really just taking up space you could be using for something else.

7. Old toothbrushes

Bathroom organization & decluttering: Toothbrush

Toothbrushes aren’t made to last for years and years, and you should replace your toothbrush every 3 months or so. Otherwise, it’ll end up accumulating mold and bacteria.

If you haven’t replaced yours in a while, it might be time to get a new one. I know some people like to keep old toothbrushes for cleaning hard to reach spots, but perhaps don’t keep them in the bathroom!

8. Empty packaging

Bathroom organization & decluttering: Empty packaging

If you normally take things out of their original packaging and throw the empty packaging away, you probably won’t have this problem.

But if you like to use things directly from their packaging, sometimes it just ends up that way that the empty Q-Tips packaging never makes it to the trash. It just stays in the cabinet and adds to the clutter.

If this happens in your bathroom, try to make a conscious effort to throw any packaging away the moment it is empty.

9. Gifts & bath items

Bathroom organization & decluttering: Bath items

There’s always that well-meaning friend who gives you a fancy or cute set of bath items as a gift that you’re unfortunately never going to use.

Whether its bath items (and you’re a shower person, not a bath person) or some fancy soap loofah thing, if you know you won’t use it, don’t store it in your bathroom. Rather give it to someone who would actually use it.

10. Rusty razors

Bathroom organization & decluttering: Rusty razor

If you notice any razors starting to show rust, just throw them away. Once they start rusting, they’re no longer useful and you shouldn’t be using them. You don’t want any rust to enter your body as you can get a bad infection from this.

Hopefully going through this list of bathroom organization tips made you think about the things that you can throw away in your bathroom.

Like I said before, if you haven’t used something in over a year, are you really going to use it in the next year? If the honest answer is no, then it’s time to consider throwing it away. Or giving it away if it’s something that someone can still use.

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